12 Steps To Building A Chicken Coop


Clear the area where you want to build your chicken coop. Make sure that it is free from debris or any rocks, plants or roots that are protruding from the ground.


Level the project’s ground. Doing this will ensure that you will not end up building askew chicken coops.


Segregate your materials according to phases – basic frame, additional beams, doorway, second level (if applicable), insulation, roofing, and paint. This will keep everything organized and will avoid untoward confusions during the building process.


Create the basic frame – covering the base for four sides, four corners, and the roof’s skeleton.


Add beams for support, doorframe, and build the second level (if applicable) – board it up at this point.


Sheath the roof with boards.


Install the insulation panels inside the walls and under the floor.


Cover the insulation panels using plastic or vinyl sidings or clapboards.


Complete your roof by adding shingles or roofing insulation to make sure the roof is protected from the elements without conducting too much heat or cold.


Install side doors to make it easier for you to access the coop when collecting the eggs.


Add a platform and other small obstacles or beams where the chickens can freely hop on or off.


Finally, cover all the surrounding area of the coop’s frame with chicken wire. Paint the coop as you please or leave it as it is.